Happy New Year. / by Tom Montan

It has been a long time since I have written.

The last posting had me venturing off into the “wilds” of Upstate New York. Almost three years later, I have re-surfaced with many adventures behind me. Upstate is such a wonderful place, a place of immense natural beauty, of solid and extremely historic architecture and most endearing of all is it’s a place of human resilience, fortitude and just generally great people. When I landed, I kept hearing the words in my head “Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore.” But really, how refreshing to know that around each and every turn, something new and something great awaits. And even though things look generally similar from New York to California - things are not always applied in the same ways. There are roads - but they are bigger , wider turns and bumpier - due in large part to snowplows and ice. There are also great energized people, but in upstate there is a reluctance to new things - due in part to years of economic stress and the ever changing weather- “if something works, damn it- well just stick with it.” There is weather - in California you have really two weather patterns sunny and rain. In New York there are actual winters and flourishing springs where you can almost hear the plants growing as they hurry to get all there growing in before the advent of fall. The list goes on…

There is a solid and beautiful core to Upstate New York- there has been a lot going on and I continue to find a firm tethering to my core through my painting. As all creatives know, when you really surrender to the creation, everything else melts away and the focus on what really matters surfaces. It is this practice that I I hope to share here.

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