New Studio Three-Thousand Miles Away / by Tom Montan

Okay, i have been living in upstate New York for twenty eight months now. In this time a lot has happened - from running a struggling but ever exciting non-profit residency program for some of the most talented sculptors in the world today, to investing and renovating several beautiful rental properties in the larger Mohawk Valley. This journey has pulled me over three-thousand miles away from “Home” - in this case, and to use an old adage from “where the heart is.” As Karen and I continue working to solidify and shore up our retirement plans, the journey has pulled us far from each other (for awhile).

And as we work hard to put these pieces together, I have also maintained my spiritual practice in the activity that feeds me and rejuvenates my spirit most days - Painting! With this practice I have found a large studio that is full of light and at the end of the house that I now live. This studio is as close to what i fully need as an artist as any that have come before - good light and consistent warmth being the two most important.

I found the perfect easel at an antique store in Vermont and have been using a new Parallel Pallette designed by one of my painting icons David Kassan. I am learning to work smarter and to take the time it takes to do it right. Unlike the folly of my youth, I am realizing that good work takes time and that if I have to go back

As i move through this journey - I am truly humbled each day by this practice and I am honored to have the space to create.